CHHCensus on Rap Remnant
CHHCensus on Rap Remnant
CHHCensus on Rap Remnant
CHHCensus on Rap Remnant

Monthly Archives: October 2018

Gamie My Hope


Early Life Growing up in Lagos, Nigeria GAMiE often experienced times with no power supply which made it difficult to do some things. During this...

Toby Mac Talks Race Relations On Upcoming Album

Toby Mac, a household name in the Christian Hip Hop realm since his days at DC Talk, is releasing his 7th studio album entitled,...

UPDATED: Suicide Prevention Month w/ GodFrame

We in the community of Christian faith offer prayer to the Great Physician for healing for our suicidal brothers and sisters. We stand firm...

Hear Destination by Reggie Rocc

Reginald “Reggie Rocc” Jones was born and raised in Spartanburg, SC. His love for music inspired him to enter into the world of gospel...
Busean- Power

Power by Busean

This "power" that is referenced in the song not only deals with the power that comes from the faith used to accept Christ but...

Rob Redeemed Drops The meaning behind the song Doing The Most goes a long way back for Rob Redeemed. "For years I struggled with insecurities and wanting...

Psalm Muzik released ‘God of My Soul’

In collaboration with Bryann Trejo of Kingdom Muzic, 'God Of My Soul', is an emotionally raw song that asks God to "soften up hardened...

Feed’Em Drops ‘Keep That’

Feed'Em is an independent UK recording artist. Mind Your Business! Learn more about this artist:

Holy Drip

Holy Drip is by Alphein Koshy featuring James Cartwright. Produced by Dara JT.

Have Problems? Get Through The Day With Poor Legacy

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