Monthly Archives: February 2019

Psalm :: Out of Here   Social Media Links: YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Apple Music: Spotify: Website: Soundcloud: Pandora:

Chandler Swain :: I Could Die Lyrics: Intro: Why would I wanna hang out with people who try to hold me down, I don't make this music for you, I make it all...

Sain Owumi :: No Option

Conscience :: The Sound of My Silence

Album Concept: In a world filled with noise it can be nearly impossible to think straight. However, we forget that the noisiest voice in our...

Farai Katiyo :: So Young

Song: So Young (feat. Theo & Mathew) Artist: Farai Katiyo Feat. Theo & Mathew Producer: Platinum Sellers Listen Here: Facebook: Instagram: @faraikatiyo Soundcloud: Twitter: @faraikatiyo The Story Behind The Song It seems, Hip-hop is thriving on double standards....

Worship Song of the Day

Rich Mullins- Awesome God Rich Mullins- Awesome God Lyrics When He rolls up His sleeves He ain't just putting on the ritz (Our God is an awesome God) There's thunder...

King Rich :: SKRRT

In this life we tend to run. Might be time to hit the brakes like... Connect With King Rich Ig: kingrich_1st

Nerva :: Free Indeed

Saying, ‘any person can be free if they really want to be, but true freedom means surrenderance to self and submission to the Son of...

Name Change! David Thomas (DT) releases Overtime Connect with David Thomas: Instagram: @Justcallme_dt Facebook:

Devine Carama:: Look In My Eyes

"Over the last year, so much of my focus has been teaching hip hop & leadership classes (University of Kentucky) and philanthropy through my...


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