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CHHCensus on Rap Remnant
CHHCensus on Rap Remnant
CHHCensus on Rap Remnant

Monthly Archives: June 2019

Shine by Bridgewater Will BRIGHTEN Your Day!

Story behind the single: We wrote this song to challenge everyone who takes the time to listen to allow the light of Christ to burn...

Ray Knowledge :: Money Bag


Brotha Dre :: Go Bananas

The message of the song is about bearing the fruit of spirit such as meekness, love, peace, long-suffering. From the Rap Remnant team- this...

Gerry Skrillz :: Alright

Alright is about tapping into a state of mind that allows us to rise above our negative surroundings. It is a journey through the...

Summer Rap Contest

CONGRATS TEN20!! YOU WON THE CONTEST! TC BRM TEN20 CTPsalmist Winner will receive: Video Interview promoted through Rap Remnant channels Detailed music review- promoted on Facebook and Twitter 20...
legin christian rap

Legin :: Fear Not

Fear Not is an anthem for the dreamers; for us to push us past the fear of failure everyday when we wake up and...

2019 Open Season

Open Season, featuring Joe Ayindé, Streetlight Sounds founder and award winning rapper J Crum, respected CHH veteran Nomis, Czar Josh, Hawaiian Grammy winner Thomas...

Allen Love :: Purple Dreams Ft. Reconcile

Allan Love teamed up with Reconcile for this song! Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Purple Dreams   Hook: Stuck in the streets and now his life ??? ??? and now...
DJ Intagibles

DJ Intagibles :: Drippin

Connect With DJ Intagibles! Facebook: @djintangibles YouTube: @djintangible1 Instagram: @djintangibles @dj-intangibles @dj-intangibles @dj-intangibles Lyrics -Watch your step we be dripping yeah -I've been dripping everywhere because the HOLY SPIRIT wet -I've been diving in the WORD....

Chris Elijah :: Like This ft. Donk

“Like This” is Chris Elijah’s foray into the sometimes daunting views of society and life for many people. He draws from the Book of...


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