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CHHCensus on Rap Remnant
CHHCensus on Rap Remnant
CHHCensus on Rap Remnant

Monthly Archives: October 2019

Man Of FAITH :: Blood In The Air

Man Of FAITH returns with his latest single Blood In The Air which touches on our daily struggles explained in Ephesians 6:12. Available now...

Aaron Robinson Releases Sound the Alarm ft. Th3 Saga)

Aaron Robinson is releasing his brand new single "Sound The Alarm" featuring Th3 Saga. Aaron Robinson, a Christian Hip Hop artist based in Atlanta, Georgia,...

DaeShawn Forrest :: Keep It Going

DaeShawn Forrest is a 20 year old Christian hip hop artist from California. DaeShawn just released a new 5-track EP titled "Keep It Going"...

ARTIST ADVICE :: Bring People In Your Core

True Muzik :: Victory

True Muzik’s single entitled “Victory” is a triumphant war cry proclaiming that by the blood of Jesus and faith in Him we are victorious...

Artist Advice :: Don’t Sleep On Your Failures

CJ Jamison :: On God

Connect With CJ Jamison Instagram Name @iamcjizzle Youtube Profile CJ Jamison Other Web Links

Cephas :: KNGDM State of Mind Pt. 2

Having convictions and then sticking to them... not always easy. Cephas was faced with exactly that during a board meeting at the church he...

DIE-REK :: Unpredictable Connect with Die-Rek Connect with Rel McCoy Connect with Illect Recordings

Køshiz :: 7fiddy6 Connect with Koshiz Twitter handle @koshizmusic Instagram Name @koshizmusic Lyrics: (Hook) Say you got that sauce, double dip. But you don’t talk about a life you really live. I don’t floss, I don’t...