Early Life

Growing up in Lagos, Nigeria GAMiE often experienced times with no power supply which made it difficult to do some things. During this time, his family sang and made music. Everyone in his family loved to sing. GAMiE always loved to drum too. He would beat on any flat surface that produced a sound. His parents, both Christians, raised him in the Christian faith and joined a neighborhood church that allowed for them musical expression.  It’s in that church where GAMiE started to learn how to play on a drum set and joined the choir.

Introduction to Rap

GAMiE always created Christian music. Once he joined a musical group he jokingly called a Boys 2 Men wannabe’s, but it’s there he learned about rap music. Hearing his friend rap opened possibilities in his mind. Since he played the drums, it was easy to flow into it. He didn’t get into rap by listening to songs, he just heard his friend and started making his on rap music.

Career Overview

In GAMiE’s early 20’s, he started making beats and producing music. Making music for about 15 years, GAMiE put his first song on the radio in 2007 and released his first EP in 2012. His ep was produced by himself. In 2015, he released 2 albums (Beyond Words and T.T.S.S – Thinker Tailor Soldier Spy). After releasing these two albums, he had to reevaluate what he wanted to do with music. He felt that he wasn’t being fulfilled the way he hoped he would. Through his search for fulfillment, GAMiE stumbled across the phrase LIVE LOVE INSPIRE. It was those 3 words that brought him out of a depressed state and focused his music on a mission. LIVE LOVE INSPIRE points at God. GAMiE’s sole purpose is to know God and make him known to others.

What’s New

Currently, GAMiE is a 33 years old multi-faceted artist. He raps, sings and does spoken word poetry. In Nigeria, since rap is not as popular, he had to slow down his music and tone down the beat for the audience to understand his lyrics. He found that this process resulted in something similar to spoken word artists.
GAMiE just released a spectacular music video from his album that should be released early next year. Watch it below!

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