Jovi Harp

Early Life

Raised in Twin Falls, Idaho, Jovi Harp had a rough childhood. With no father present he turned to the world for direction. By his teen years he was a professing atheist. His prodigal lifestyle led him to a place of addiction and sorrow. His love for hip hop was fed throughout his life but it wasn’t until he came to Christ that he began to put action to that love.

Intro to Rap

Jovi first heard rap as a child as Bone Thugs N Harmony blasted through the speakers. His friends knew him for his extensive hip hop library and his dope mixes. After he got saved he had a strong desire to start rapping for Jesus. This was also the time he was introduced to CHH and 116 Clique. Now hip hop is simply an instrument to tell the world about the love of Christ.

Career Overview

Jovi’s career is fresh as he has only been officially recording music since 2016. Starting out as a spoken word artist he was signed to God Sqwad Records. His first single, Young & Reckless, was released and debuted on the radio that same year. His first album is dropping this year but he also has released a few other singles and some spoken word poetry. Jovi’s sole purpose in rap and in life is to disciple others and be sanctified himself.

Whats New

Currently, Jovi is 31 years old and is not only an artist but a pastor as well. A husband, and a father, God has given him a heart to serve people and to love people. He wants to make music to point people to Jesus. He is putting his finishing touches on his album, Breathe Vertically, to drop real soon.




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