Atlanta Artist Julius Shares His Vivid Story on New Album “Child of God”

From the moment his father died (November 2, 2016), Julius spent 14 months putting his heart, soul, and salvation into an album. Writing has been his release when going through things since a child. The debut album of Julius, “Child Of God”, is a testimony that is broken down into different chapters during the story. With each song being it’s own chapter in the story.

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Julius’ music is available for digital download (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc.) or hard copy


Julius, is an American Christian Rap Artist. He left behind the behind the street moniker, Big Pawz, after turning his life over to God. His music now encourages seeking God in exchange of street life. His songs are considered a vivid, first-person perspective of his life as a Christian. Julius seems to find a comfortable balance between making music that is enjoyable without compromising the gospel.


01. Crooked Ways (Prod. By Casey Jones)
02. Inside My Eyes ft Billy Cook (Prod. By Hardkore)
03. Back In 1 Piece ft Kriss Liss (Prod. By Sha)
04. Knock Knock (Prod. By Hardkore)
05. Bang ft Billy Cook (Prod. By 2050beats)
06. Russian Roulette ft J Paul & Mase Allen-Tucker (Prod. By Milky Jerry & Tiempo Silencio)
07. Call On Jesus ft David Blayne (Prod. By Hardkore)
08. One 4 The Money (Prod. By Protege)
09. Story Of Love ft David Blayne (Prod. By SinVStyle)
10. Broken Home ft David Blayne (Prod. By Vybe)
11. No Color (Prod. By Sha)
12. Change ft Breana Marin (Prod. By Jay Era Beats)
13. Child Of God (Prod. By Hardkore)
14. Miracles ft Chloe Demetria (Prod. By Hardkore)

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