Keasha Beard Interview

Keasha Beard Interview:

How are you growing God’s Kingdom?

  • By serving God day in and day out
  • Reading and studying my bible every day
  • Teaching the bible and life principles to a youth group every Wednesday
  • Spreading the gospel in my music and clothing line
  • Feeding the homeless community with the Word and natural resources
  • Waking up every day with new ideas to be a servant

How did you receive this call? What inspires you to do God’s work in these ways?

I am a living witness of the Lord’s grace and mercy. I get the privilege of knowing His love. It would be foolish to not share this with others. I want everyone to know this kind of relationship with the creator of the universe. Additionally, I know what it’s like to feel broken and empty so I want to do everything I can to represent God and his eternal freedom. I want to bring joy and hope to people.

What’s some background info/early life info you want to share with new fans?

I am very open and honest in my music. My music tells the story of my life, going all the way back to my first project- Memoirs of a Keasha. Which tells the story of who I was before God and how I came to know Him. The Transform mixtape explains what transformation looks like. Soul Food explains the depths I had to reach in order to truly serve God and others. And now, with Different. You get to see the fruit of it all. Everything is Different. But it’s better I show you, then keep ranting about it. See video:  

What are your major themes/inspirations for your clothing line?

Favored and Fearless is more than a brand, it’s a life style. Our theme is “Seek the Crown” because we want to teach people, especially children, that is cool to serve God. It’s a bold display of Christ’s reign in our life. It’s a courageous statement that says “I am not afraid because I am chosen by God to do a wonderful work in my life.”

What’s your latest project? What are you promoting right now?

The Different EP is now available on all digital platforms. The Different EP is packed with high energy beats and features artists that are lyrically clever. When listening to Different, be sure to keep a fire extinguisher! All of the tracks are fire!

‘Vibe’ is the first single off the Different EP and can be viewed here:

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