Intro to Rap

Quan-B started rapping for the Lord when he was 16 years old. It all started when a friend of his gave him a cd that contained nothing but instrumentals. He grew up in the church, so that’s really all he knew to talk about so once he started writing to one of the tracks on the cd the rest is history. 5 mixtapes, 1 album and 3 singles later- he’s still making music.

Whats New

As of right now, Quan-B is currently working on a new album, entitled “Revive”. It’s an album that talks about the life struggles he’s overcome and how God revived his passion not only for music, but his relationship in Christ, his marriage, and life in general.

Songs You Should Check Out

The Monster

Never Looking Back ft. Austinn Gomez x Stephen Hill Jr. 

Through My Eyes ft. Saelah x Jeremy Anderson 

Made For This- Joshua Mac ft. Saelah x Quan-B 



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