Xola Shows How To Be A Father

Xola Shows How To Be A Father

Grammy Award Winning Artist Xola, aka Kid Sensation, was a part of Sir Mix A Lot’s rap group, and has since evolved as an artist and transformed his musical style to match the life he now lives as a father, husband, christian, and activist. On this song,he incluldes his 12 year old son, Kendi.

Xola was born and raised in South Seattle by a hardworking single mother of two, who worked two jobs with no car and put herself through college. Xola was motivated by the education foundations his mother instilled in him and his brother. He always knew he wanted more, and to avoid the pitfalls he saw many of his peers.

During the peak of his “Kid Sensation Era”, Xola was inspired by many east coast MCs. He said “I made music that spoke to what I knew. I made singles that represented a young man having a good time, happy to make it out of a rough childhood,” and continued “I simply wrote from my heart from the level I was at, but I always sought to be myself.” However, as he rose in fame in his mid 20’s, he felt like something wasn’t right; living and representing himself as a tough guy, player, and self centered man, and because of that so much was falling apart.

He then left his rap group with Sir Mix-A-Lot, while simultaneously battling strife in his personal life. He felt his spending and lifestyle were out of control. “I needed a change and peace in my life. I decided to start fresh… My name Xola means to stay in peace.” Xola credits his evolution to finding religion. He said “Growing a relationship with God has been the key to my development as a man and artist. Following the example of Jesus has taught me kindness, strength, compassion, integrity and every good thing a man should strive to be.

My music serves a higher purpose than me getting rich and popular. I want to inspire people and make the world better. Most of all I hope people will see my change and seek connection to God for themselves.”

Xola’s son, 12-year-old Kendi Fresh has been collaborating on music with his dad for a few years, and his debut single/video “Lean” started a dance craze that led to partnerships with police departments from Tacoma to Pasco to lean together with kids in the community.

Xola and Kendi’s new single is a “letter” between the father-son duo, and speaks to the important relationship between a father and his child. Xola recalled, “as a man raised without a father, I understand the impact an engaged, healthy father figure can have on a kid and his future. We want to inspire dads and kids find ways to creatively engage.”

“Letters” – Apple Music http://itunes.apple.com/album/id/1396971555


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