RES G’s: Remnant Entrepreneurial Support Group

Are You a Christian Business Owner? Do you want to learn more about Christian Business principles?

With Right Now Media @ Work, Rap Remnant is giving you access and peer support in the Venure Academy Lecture Series. We are going to go through this series together, as a group and on a regular basis, we will do video conferencing to talk about the lecture, give feedback on ideas and pray for each other. All participants will be added to a text message group so we can encourage and help each other along the entire series. Learn more about the Series below!

Venture Academy Lecture Series is an inspiring and instructional resource with over 12 hours of challenging instruction designed to provide the top standards of business training for Christian entrepreneurs, students, business professionals, and families. These professionally produced presentations include in-depth training in the disciplines required to run a successful business — sales, marketing, accounting, analysis, human resources, operations, legal, technology, and much more.

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