The CRAZY Cycle

What is the issue, when the issue is the issue?
Ummm… wut?
In this quick series on RightNow Media, Dr. Emerson Eggerichs breaks down why small issues blow up into big fights. This is a great series to dialogue about since it has four videos- introduction, her needs, his needs and wrap up. You can spread the dialogue over three days:
1. Introduction- watch together and answer, ” Complaints are often a plea for love and respect. What have I complained about recently? HDIFAT?
2 Husbands watch her needs, Wives watch his needs and read Ephesians 5:33 together. Dialogue Question, “What did you learn about Love and Respect? How can we apply it to our marriage”
3. Watch Breaking The Crazy Cycle. Dialogue Question, “Always believe in the good will of your spouse. What’s one way that you admire your spouse?”
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