Brinson :: Reversing Tomorrow Connect with Brinson

Chris TyK :: Take Off (Go)

This song is the second release, for an EP/Playlist series titled "Now IN Heaven" by Chris TyK. Here Chris TyK describes his desire, how...

franCiS :: Doubting Thomas

franCiS has lived a life where doubt has always found a way to creep its ugly head through the door, and when he shut...

J.Conic :: Running After You

J.Conic, Colson Kelly (Producer), and Jalen Booker (Engineer) teamed up to create "Running After You". This songs talks about being determined and hungry for...

LJ :: Centipede

LJ teams up with fellow Do For Three artist Chris Mack to describe the need to only walk with the Centipedes - those who...

TC aka The Collector :: Permissive

Connect with TC Twitter handle @TheCollectorTC Youtube Profile TC aka The Collector Other Web Links

David Truth :: The Battle Is Won

David Truth is from Nigeria and started rapping when he was 7yrs old. The Battle Is Won is an Easter celebration song that talks...

TC BOYD :: Beginning To End Connect With TC Website Twitter handle @TcBoydtheartist Instagram Name @TcBoydtheartist Youtube Profile

S.T.R.O. :: JOY RIDE S.T.R.O.'s Socials

Lil Red Wishes You Godspeed In His New Single

This morning I had the privilege of listening to Lil Red's track entitled, Godspeed. Godspeed, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is an expression of good...

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