CHHCensus on Rap Remnant
CHHCensus on Rap Remnant
CHHCensus on Rap Remnant
CHHCensus on Rap Remnant

Record Vocals Without Breaking the Bank

Last year I stepped out of my comfort zone and went from only writing my opinions to recording them audibly as well. When the budget is tight, you have two choices: 1. wait it out...

Don’t Forget About The Rap Contest!

All Entries Are Due By March 22nd at 11:59CST Get The Full Details Here  

March To A New Drum

Final Contestants Our Own March Madness Download the Beat By Gidyon below. Make your best verse No limit on length. No cussing Do not degrade any single person or group of people. Submissions without lyrics...

Name Change! David Thomas (DT) releases Overtime Connect with David Thomas: Instagram: @Justcallme_dt Facebook:

Jarena Lee

Jarena Lee Jarena Lee, who was to become a dedicated evangelist, endured a difficult childhood. She felt strong conviction about her sinfulness as a young girl, and was often tempted to commit suicide. In her...

LOVE IT! DJ Ms. Eclectic Releases a New Song with an Oldschool Sound!

Calling all 80's babies, 90's babies and everyone born before! Try not to move with this one! If you weren't around back then, stick around and feel something new! DJ Ms. Eclectic puts together a song...

Elizabeth Juanita Dabney

Elizabeth Juanita Dabney Elizabeth Juanita Dabney was a young, unknown woman when she set her heart to live a consecrated life before the throne of heaven. Not much is known about her life outside of...

Eliza Davis George

Eliza Davis George Eliza Davis-George (1879–1980) was born in Texas to former-slave parents. Her parents raised her in the Baptist church, but it wasn’t until she was 16, during a series of revival meetings, that...

Zilpha Elaw

Zilpha Elaw Zilpha Elaw (1790–18??) was born into a free, devoutly Christian family near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was only twelve years old when her mother died in childbirth and her father placed her in the...

Harry Hosier

Harry Hosier Harry Hosier (17??–1806) was born sometime around 1750. The exact date and place of his birth are unknown, as he was born into slavery. At some point in his early life he was...

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Michael :: WormWood A Prayer and Worship to God amidst his wait for deliverance.  


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