CONTEST: Let It Rain

Congrats Banwagen! You Won!

Download this beat, spit your best verse & submit it below!

Submissions can be studio recorded, professionally video recorded or recorded on your phone. We don’t care about that, we only care about your message! Make sure it’s good enough quality to share with others and get votes. If you get into the top two, you don’t want a train running through and overpowering your best lyrics.

This beat was supplied by 2Timothy of and

Top two submissions will be promoted to the masses. A combination of producer favorite, Rap Remnant favorite and total votes will decide who gets the title!

What Does The Winner Get?

The winner gets put on the map of the CHHCensus! This $50 value will give you a competitive advantage and separates you from the crowd! Already on the CHHCensus? Don’t fret! You’ll get over $200 in free advertising and promotions! It’s a Win-Win!

When’s It Due?

Monday, September 2nd at 11:59pm (CST).

Download Let It Rain:


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