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Rap Remnant wants to see artists excel in music business and ministry.  EVERYTHING starts with God. After you have confirmed that God has called you and that you have talent, as an artist everything else starts with your music.   Doors will open because of your music, and doors will close because of your music.  What does that mean?

You can be the most talented artist with ill lyrics, however if your songs aren’t mixed right, or you have beat tags on your tracks, or even if your artwork is bad you can be rejected by websites, event promoters, record labels and other industry people who could help advance your career.    There is so much more to being an artist than just writing and recording, you have to take care of the small things.

Why do Thi’sl, the Eshon Burgundy’s, and the Rhema Soul’s of the world and other artists continue to get opportunities?  They put out a great product.  These are all indie artists, no label backing them (Eshon recently signed with Humble Beast, but he became known as an indie artist).  It takes a financial investment of course, however it doesn’t take as much as many people think it takes just to get a quality product.   The biggest investment is TIME.  Learning your craft, not just rapping, but everything else that goes along with it.

Rap Remnant is always looking for fresh talent, however we cannot overlook bad quality.  It’s just not a good look for God or the genre.  Take time and make it excellent.  It’s better that you release 1 song that you’ve spent time on and made sure everything sounds great instead of 10 songs that sound bad.  Quality over quantity.

We have comprised some resources for indie artists to use to help in the journey for quality music:


Interface – Do not record with a usb mic directly to your computer.  You need an interface such as an MBox, Apogee Duet, or something of that sort.  There are many depending on what you have available to spend.  The interface has preamps and audio converters to give your vocals a clean sound.

Microphone – again,  do not use a usb mic (unless you have good mixing skills).  Get yourself a decent condenser microphone such as a Rhode NT1-a, Bluebird Condenser, or one of our favorites is the Audio Technica AT4040

Of course there are more expensive microphones with better sound if you have the money, such as Neumann U87 or the TLM series mics.  Do your research and find one that suits your needs.

You can purchase these items on a payment plan without needing to run your credit or anything from companies such as:

Zzounds –

American Musical Supply –

WHERE and HOW you record is just as important as the equipment that you use.  Read tutorials about room acoustics on Youtube and other pro audio sites.  The knowledge is primarily free, you just have to search it out.


If you do not have the extra money to pay someone to mix your album, you have to learn how to do it yourself.  There are several mixing professionals that have released tutorials and other information giving tips on how to mix.  Surprisingly, you dont need thousand dollar plugins to get a good mix.  You can actually get a pretty good mix using stock plugins  One tutorial that we really like is

Matthew Weis:

– For $57, he will teach you how to mix rap vocals as well as hip-hop beats.  It’s an awesome deal for the kind of information he provides.

Song Writing:

How your song is written is going to determine how it’s received.  The following information is provided assuming that you already have the lyrical talent to rap.  If your bars are wack, there’s really no need to continue.    For those who have the lyrical talent, one thing that will take your song from bad to good or from good to great is your hook.  I’ve heard SO MANY songs with great verses but horrible hooks.  Many rappers have the punchlines, the metaphors, and the ill lines that will give you the stink face but then you get to the hook of the song and it’s so underwhelming that you want to turn off the song.   My recommendation is that you study hook writing, study hit songs and see the type of hooks that make the song.  Many rappers mess up by having hooks that are too wordy or irrelevant to the verses they wrote.   Most hooks are simple and easy to remember, but they are impactful and further confirm & summarize what is being said in the verses.   People will forget the lines you spit, but what they’ll remember is the hook if it’s good and catchy enough.   Many artists come up with the hook before they write their verses because it’s that important.

In the mainstream  industry, if you can write good hooks, you will be rich.   Great hooks are the money makers of the industry because they add that nail in the coffin for your song.  Great hook writers are rich because most rappers can’t write them, so they hire people to do it for them.  Do yourself a favor and learn how to write great hooks, your music will impact people on whole new level.

At the end of the day, your music just has to be good to get noticed and that’s the bottom line.  Yes we commend that you are making music for God, however that is not the end of the equation because the music industry (Christian & mainstream) is based on talent.  If you do not have the talent, you should really seek God to find out what you should be doing.

The information on this page isn’t gospel truth by any stretch, however the key here is to invest time and money into your music and your chances for success double at minimum.  We will continue to add to this list so check back periodically!

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