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Born and raised in Staten Island, New York, in the projects of New Brighton, 2nd Samuel 151 was brought up in a Christian household. He was picked on quite a bit growing up, for being a “Church Boy”, so much so that once he hit High School, he wasn’t interested in church or being a nice guy anymore. An avid listener to Hip Hop music, his dream was to one day be a rap star, just like Staten Islands own Wu Tang Clan. In 1996, he recorded his first demo, and by the following year, because of his gang activities, his parents moved him down to Orlando Florida for a change of scenery.
It was hard for him to adapt to this new environment, but what kept him grounded was his love for hip hop music. Going by the name BEZERK, Samuel would get on any open mic that was available just to be heard. That’s when he first started to get noticed. His opportunity soon came, and he started recording music and performing all around Central Florida with other local Hip Hop artists, and putting out street hits. During this time, he suffered an unexpected loss, with the murder of his best friend, Onnix. Despite the tragedy, he began to stake his claim as one of the city’s hottest solo artists, eventually being nominated for Hip Hop Artist of the Year, at The 1st Annual Orlando Urban Music Awards in 2002. He was featured several times in national magazines, and also co-hosted be on radio shows across the city. He shared top billing at shows featuring International recording Stars, including Cormega (Nas), Memphis Bleek (Rocafella), & Dead Prez. In 2004, he took a break from the music, and went back to hustling in the streets. After a couple of years doing that, and having witnessed many of his closest friends and associates paying the cost for living the street life, the hustling stopped, and he was determined to get back into the studio. This time around, he would share the stage with even more established Musicians, and working with a new, and younger talent pool. He continued to press on and pursue a career in Hip Hop. In 2009 he welcomed his first child into the world, and in 2010, he married his High School sweetheart. By the fall of 2012, having a hit single and video already out, Samuel had a hard road ahead, and several tough decisions to make. Due to his lack of true Love and dedication in his own household, he and his wife were heading for a separation. He then chose to put his music career to the side, and redirected his self centered dreams to focus on his marriage and family. That is when Samuel decided to bring his problems and pains to God Almighty. That Fall, Samuel accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and immediately saw his life change, starting with the restoration of his marriage. Not long after, his wife and children decided to follow Jesus as well. After suffering his biggest loss to date, when Samuel’s mother passed away, a year later in 2016, he followed the Lord’s calling, and began to record music again. This time, using the name of 2nd Samuel 151, to reflect on the fact that the 1st Samuel had passed away, and that the new creation, the new man, had come. In 2018, he released his lead off single “Church Boy”, followed up in 2019 by his album, “Now Born Again”.


2. WHO AM I? produced by Marv4MoBeats
3. IN CHRIST ALONE (THE NEW) produced by Ryan Secret
4. GO THERE WITH YOU feat Christina Rivera // produced by VsWrld
5. I SURRENDER ALL feat Genesis & Many Faces // produced by Nevahdless
6. FRIENDS feat Onnix // produced by VsWrld
7. NOW BORN AGAIN produced by VsWrld
8. PLEASE FORGIVE ME feat Press Box & Bermann Vertusma // produced by Tone Jonez
9. HE’S MY SON feat SamuelsAwkward
10. Church Boy produced by BYRD
11. BEAUTIFUL BRIDE feat Gio Da’Gift, Jenesis, Platynumb Barz, FaceDaZoe, Dolore & Sir.ill // produced by Tone Jonez
12. LOVE produced by SnSontheTrack & VsWrld

Connect With 2nd Samuel 151

Twitter handle @2ndsamuel151
Instagram Name @2ndsamuel151
Youtube Profile https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNi1kd1duThMPmbPOLNTTXg
Facebook Profile https://www.facebook.com/2ndsamuel151/

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