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“Hi, my name is Markus Riggs, stage name “4 Minute Sermons.” I am a rap artist whose goal is to find truth in the midst of a world of facts and opinions. I know what I should be but also there is so much broken inside me. I have the facts but I’m still on a journey for the truth. There is a lot I am unsure of but I do know this. That life is painful, but even more do its worth it, and those two facts are what my music is all about.”

The story for THE HOPE really began when I started writing the first song on a plane ride to florida last summer headed to Orlando. I was at a great place in my life and ready to conquer the world. I had a fantastic summer last year and was excited to write something new and fresh heading into this album. Coming into last winter I had A LOT of personally things collapse in on me all at once. Most of which was my fault. December shows up and I was in a very scary spot in terms of mental stability and health. It was in the months from December to February I wrote pretty much the entire album. I was writing like my life depended on it. Writing sometimes for hours upon hours each day in my room alone. I felt alone and scared inside. I wasn’t worried about the album or the theme or deadlines or anything. I just poured my heart out on my phone day after day after day. Then March hit. And I had around 20 songs sitting there waiting for a voice. It was then looking through all those songs that there was one thing I was in search for, I was looking for Hope. I knew there were so many others that were looking for the exact same thing too. So I got in touch with my Producers and thus began the true process of the album. 4 months later there those songs sat in a folder waiting to be heard.

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Youtube Profile https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAi1hyiqW1b9GOcqmTx92PQ
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