Aaron Robinson Releases Sound the Alarm ft. Th3 Saga)

Aaron Robinson is releasing his brand new single “Sound The Alarm” featuring Th3 Saga.

Aaron Robinson, a Christian Hip Hop artist based in Atlanta, Georgia, has been releasing singles throughout 2019. Time is of the essence, so Aaron wants to “Sound The Alarm” with his Halloween released single. Aaron is joined by battle rapper and singer/songwriter Th3 Saga to bring the point home.

Aaron Robinson hails from the Midwest of Michigan. He was a teen during the Recession of 2008 and essentially grew up without a father figure and got into trouble. When his family moved to Atlanta, Georgia, Robinson felt a sense of freedom and an ability to start with a clean slate. Robinson eventually gave His life to the Lord, and the Christian Hip Hop artist known as Aaron Robinson was born.


Website http://aaronrobinson.hearnow.com
Twitter handle http://twitter.com/ar_unitedfront
Instagram Name http://instagram.com/ar_unitedfront
Youtube Profile https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY7O_n00IQUKWHaSF3FMfkA
Hometown Atlanta, GA

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