Brotha Lokey Released Revival Time

Revival Time

Juno and Dove Award nominated hip hop producer, that Brotha Lokey presents his latest single off of Urban Revival compilation called Revival Time.

Lokey teamed up with long time friend and Grammy nominated producer/engineer, Adam Messinger to mix this full project. “Having this song finished some years back, I felt that this was the perfect time for this release to give to that audience who has a real appreciation for hip hop that’s audible, not over produced – paying homage to the idea of “to know where you’re going you’ve got to know where you’ve come from.” states Lokey.

In the mists of the current hip hop landscape dulled down with 808’s and redundancy messages of drugs, money, women and the love for material goods, Revival Time is breathing life back into the art form taking a stand with the message to uplift and encourage.

Revival Time Lyric Sheet

That Brotha Lokey feat. Blake Carrington, DIE-REK, 7Life, Reason, Sev Statik, Relic & Promise

Blake Carrington Intro:
Check it out ya’ll – this is Blake Carrington comin’ live…
This is “Revival Time” with my man Lokey
Now give it up for Die-Rek, 7 Life and my man Reason
Check it out – ONE, TWO!!!
Die-Rek Verse
Hear the children cry “freedom”
That young man – yo, where he went?
Filled the visitors card out – it read ‘Clark Kent’ (DANG!)
It feels good to see the people jump on it
Scratch my ear cuz I’m hearing things that’s melodic
Now I got a peace and see the picture full grown
Harder to live in but Christ yo, that’s my Homes
To get my point across, I’m a nail ‘em with that…
It’s “3 in 1” forget the foreshadow
Christ got my back – and that’s that.

7 Life Verse
Yo, I signed on the dotted line
A heavenly contract – in fact “sold my soul” to the Divine
Now some say, “7 Life’s dead and gone”
But when Christ rose again he came in different forms
You only have the luxury of that if you’re “dead”
I’m a “Walking Resurrection” – that too deep what I said?
I take you further like I’m walking with God
You can “back mask” the record – hear me talking to God
Now people asking, “If my rapping is done?”
When they really should be praying that the Kingdom would come
I once touched a man who couldn’t hear and he heard
Even if they don’t rhyme – I found the ‘Power’ in words

Reason Verse
I’m on a highway – so every day I pray for a better day
I really feel good but at times it’s not ok…
I can’t cover up now
But since I’ve finally found the “right path” – I must say that I can enjoy
So much ‘Love’ that I gotta live
I still go through stuff in my life baby – “Can I Live?!”
I feel good no matter what I go through
I still live a life that is made “brand new”

Blake Carrington Break:
Awww YEAH! I bet you thought we was done ya’ll
But right now we just getting started
I got my mans – Sev Statik, Relic and I got Promise coming thru
And this is “Revival Time” ya’ll!
Put your hands together – this is the old and the new
“Revival Time” coming back to you….

Sev Statik Verse
So let me jump right in and be a part of the change
It’s brand new when we thinking of words to say
We gon sing in the rain for that “price” was paid
When the revolution begins – we invite the pain
Ain’t no running away – it’s not me
We haven’t been given a spirit of fear to kop pleas
Spot these emcees without frees
We always bringin’ what’s real, we get it from dropped knees
I ain’t talkin’ bout change – betcha gon see mine
We don’t flow whack but you all know that
When we get in something to say – we don’t hold back

Relic Verse
It’s like a negative to positive
So now I feel I got a reason to (what?) let the jam rock
Need a beat – Lokey always on standby
Providing me with high voltage to get it up and runnin’
– Shock the world out of cold hypnosis –
Hot butter on your hip hop pallet
Rel and Lo – we let cha you know – you can’t live without it
A dose from the Most High, ‘rise!’
And stay close – see we “bifocal-ly” wise
To recognize the flesh but get focused on a spiritual depth

So rest assured the ‘Script’ could not be broke

You know we do this for the low and high lofty folk
We poke fun at ourselves a lot, we’re not perfect
The Reservoir reflect the T-Dot, it be the melting pot
With full service – emerging with an urgency to stand upon the surface of rock
It got purpose and it don’t………

Promise Verse
I saw cyphers that I wanted to get in
But I sort of didn’t because I wanted to fit in
As soon as I started spittin’ – I feared they wouldn’t listen
At first I was scared they’d hear that I was different
My first time there – declaring I was “Christian”
Dropping knowledge and sharing His wisdom
Like – Dude listen, its cool spittin a few writtens for you to listen –
But I’m here on a mission…
Living life in this world today is hopeless
They don’t know what hope is and they know this
How could they say, “He does not exist??”
He’s an “optometrist” – I mean He helps me stay focused…

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