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The Rap and Hip Hop artist, Busean, echoes from North Carolina. After moving down to Tampa, Florida in 2005. Busean began a life that would eventually lead him to the grave or behind bars. After losing a close friend to a nightclub shooting in April 2008, Busean soon realized that it was time for a change. Being no stranger to the church, since his early childhood days were spent at choir rehearsal and church meetings with his mother, he found a church and began to establish his own relationship with Christ. Throughout the process growing in Christ and starting a family of his own with his wife of 10 years Madene, his love for music never left his spirit and soon he began to realize that his gift of music could be used to glorify God.

Creating faith based inspirational music, he motivates and connects with his audiences on a deep level. Drawn to the music of notable artists of various genres, Busean continues to refine and develop his distinctive style, both lyrically and vocally. In August of last year, he dropped his debut single “Power” in which the context of the song is based on the premise of faith and the power of the Holy Spirit. Building on that momentum, Busean released his second single in December 2018 entitled “Numb” which is a chilling description of the reality most people face when it comes to reality and the troubles of this life. 2019 looks to be a promising year for the upcoming rapper as he continues to live out the mission Christ ordained him to walk in.

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Twitter handle @iambusean
Instagram Name @iambusean

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