Cameron Taylor Releases Car Crash!

Hey Ya’ll!

It’s not everyday that a Rap Remnant Rap Contest Winner pumps out a song for you to listen to! Check out this new track from Cameron Taylor!

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Car Crash Lyrics

I ain’t got no thing on my mind
I been making music
I’m about to go blind
Like I was tryna sew
With some string or some twine
I been using all the fruit
That I reap from the grape vine
Y’all just steady tryna do it for the Tik Tok
Ima bring back Vine
Don’t do it for┬áthe wrist watch
All these rappers acting like they babies
They just really tryna wear all the Osh Kosh

They Ain’t gone like this oh
They ain’t gone hype this no
How you gone scare this crow
How you gone hate my show
But you were sitting in the front row
How you gone let that roll
Young boy
You ain’t nothing but a troll
With a PC making raps off of beats that you stole
Stay acting fruity
Looking like Dole
Dissing you ain’t my goal
I’m just tryna save all these souls
So you best keep all your music away
Because homeboy it’s dull

Uh, I’m so sad
You make me so mad
Why you so bad
You’re such a drag
Go get glad
Go make ads
Your musics all trash

That’s so weird
I just heard that last week
I’m so done
Don’t wanna hear that mouth speak

Cameron Taylor
He’s tryna rap now
He’s out of his mind
Must have mad cow

I leave
Yo beats
I have
My Needs
Now I
Just want

But you ain’t hear that from me
Getting big like Smee
Dropping music for free
Like apples from a tree
See you been tryna OD
Messing with the police
You had to take a plea
Now you drop to your knees

This is the part where I go in
I been hiding in my house like I’m snowed in
Leaking all the info
Like I’m Snowden
I just dropped a whole album
You know it’s golden
And I stay dropping fire
Like it’s molten
All up in your mind
Agent Holden
Working on this grind
Never folding
Brand new single
I’m uploading
I ain’t never need no bling
I don’t even need to sing
and I do it all for the king
How you gone take your swing
When you don’t even have your wings
You just do it all for the rings
Somebody else been pulling your strings
Somebody else been living your dreams
but that ain’t my business
So Ima sit back
and do no thing

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