FREE ALBUM :: Conscience – Sin Is Deep

After blood, sweat, and tears comes this highly anticipated EPIC project “SIN IS DEEP”. This project dives into what most people would call the world of the unknown. Most people talk about sin or vaguely refer to sin, but what sins do we commit? How do we commit them? What happens when all the fancy words go out of the window and you have to live with and be accountable to actual REAL sins we commit in our hearts and deeds all the time? Do people really know how ungodly their hearts really are? And yet, God changed the lives of so many in such a way that sin becomes the very thing we commit to life-long war against. Well, this is my war. And let me tell you, SIN IS DEEP!

01. My Testimony
02. Sin Must Die feat. A.B
03. loveSICK
04. Broken Glass
05. Saints
06. Paradox
07. Pushin
08. Fallen
09. (Interlude)
10. Voices

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