CW Allen Releases New Album “We On”

Chicago, IL — CW Allen, a Hip Hop artist from Chicago’s South Side has scheduled his latest release–We On– for January 9, 2015. 

We On is a twelve track album describing life and love in a world of violence and insecurity. The album begins with “Crazy,” a frustrated man’s cry against a system of injustice so woven into the fabric of everyday life that its easy to question whether indeed one has lost one’s mind. “Live It”, featuring fellow emcee J. Bara, examines one’s own contribution to the craziness through selfish desires and sinful inclinations. It also challenges Believers to continue to live in faith, moment by moment, because those who wrestle do not do so alone. 

“I’m Ready” takes this message of hope a step further by illustrating the tools available for those who walk a path of faith in the Gospel. In the heat of the battle/Don’t think about pain/No time to be weak…I’m ready to fight, sings Tremaine Harris the vocalist featured on this track. With “LFAL” Allen switches gears a bit taking his lens of observation from the streets to the home. He describes love from the initial flirtation of boy meeting girl to boy marries girl to boy and girl choose commitment in the face of conflict. 

The album gets personal with the title track “We On,” where Allen describes his journey from shy poet scribbling in a notebook to an emerging emcee spouting the reason for his hope from stages across America. You know you only live once/Don’t let the years go/ If God give it to you make sure that you let him know that we on, he declares with boldness and surety. 

Sprinkled throughout the music are reflective interludes where Allen reveals his motivations for his artistry. He speaks with humility of his own insecurities and how the death of a former student changed his own perspective on life.

“My hope for this project is that my listeners will know who I am and that my stories will excite them and encourage them to not give up on living,” he says. 

We On features emcees J. Bara, Oscar Urbina, Aasha Marie, VOP and Point Ash along with vocalists Tremaine Harris and Sharona Drake. CW Allen worked with several producers to achieve the polished sound that he desired. These producers include Fred Council of PardonTheMovement Inc., Big Juice of SoundBreaker Productions, and Geeda of Geeda Beatz. 

CW Allen was born and grew up in Cleveland, Ohio where he began writing poems and rhymes as a child. In 2008, he released his first project Zeal for the King. Since then he has performed on stages across the U.S. and has opened for artists like Da Truth, Flame, and This’l. 

We On is his sixth release and his second full length project. It will be available on iTunes and all other major digital retailers as well as for free download. 

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