D. R33D :: Not Going Back

D. R33D recruited the help of fellow CHH artist Hector Dominguez to bring this OnBeat
production to life. It features an energetic vibe and a message that once we belong to Christ there is no going back.
“Jesus has set me free from living in slavery to sin. I don’t want to go back to being enslaved to that which couldn’t satisfy me” D. R33D explained.

Song Credits:

Production – OnBeat
Engineering – Kourageous Music
Feature – Hector Dominguez
Artwork – Eric Boston

About D. R33D

D. R33D comes from a background of cultural Christianity, public façade, and private trauma. Growing up in and around church culture he learned the language, right answers, and how to put up a front of being a Jesus follower. During his second year of college he was challenged to read three to four chapters of Scripture each day, a challenge he took in arrogance, but one that God used to soften his heart. Now D. R33D wants to use his music to glorify God while impacting the listener as well. Even in our mess, it is okay to not be okay, but it is not okay to stay there.

For more info on D. R33D follow him on social media @thedr33d

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