Dee-1 Drills Dr. Ben Carson in Iowa Before Presidential Primary Vote

With the presidential primary drawing near, Hip-Hop artist, Dee-1 interviewed republican  presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson during the Iowa caucus on Friday. The interview was streamed live from Drake University on with viewers contributing through the Twitter hashtag #AllVotesMatter. Carson, a retired neurosurgeon, was drilled by Dee-1 with questions regarding the relationship between race, socioeconomic class, and financial independence.One of the best quotes of the night came from Dee-1 when he asked Carson “Where do you get the money, to become financially independent, when you come from generational poverty?” Don’t miss their reaction to Stacey Dash’s controversial Oscars comments either. Dee-1 didn’t hold back when it came to his opinions on Stacey Dash’s comments regarding the lack of diversity present in the Oscars stating that “just because someone looks good, doesn’t mean they’re a good spokesperson for our people.”  

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