Dedicated To Christ (DTC) Releases Renew Me

A message of struggle conquered through the grace of God, a story of
repentance and reaching to God for a new life and personal testimony of victory because of God’s grace and mercy…this is what Renew Me shares…a hip hop influenced lyrical story that walks the listener through a
journey of darkness to light…released December 1, 2018 on all digital

As a new and upcoming Christain Hip Hop group made up of group
members Daz and Nelz, D.T.C has performed at a few local events
throughout greater Orlando area and Kissimmee, FL as well as
community outreach events to help families with back to school supplies and local resources with their home church, The Hope Mission Church. In a time where the majority of hip hop seems focused on materialistic gain, D.T.C shares a message of hope and a solution to the ailments of current
society through their music inspired by the gospel of Jesus Christ and
their personal testimonies. Their music is not about gaining fans, it’s
about spreading the light and love of God into a world where pain,
despair, and darkness seems to be everywhere one looks through the
medium of hip hop.

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