Ehbert Talice :: Nahum

“I make music because I truly love it. And I love God. So putting the two together gives me peace and happiness. There’s nothing like knowing that God truly has my back in everything that I do.”

Nahum stems from Jeremiah 29:11 and Jeremiah 1:5. God loves every one of us and
wants to build a relationship with us. Before we were born, in our mother’s womb
He called us by name. He knew our names and already made plans for us to succeed
and have a future… There’s no greater love than this. Because He died for us.
Furthermore, Ehbert Talice’ middle name is Nahum. H didn’t realize the importance of it growing up and I was too embarrassed to tell people because he had no idea what it meant. But as he got older he embraced it.


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