[Single] Hillary Jane – Celebrity ft Thi’sl

Buy ‘Stix and Stones’ on iTunes bit.ly/1poRCbL
In stores 7/29/14

Produced by 808XEliTE
Mixed & Mastered by “Edy Magic” for JahRock’n Recording Studios

As a society we struggle with valuing fame and fortune over everything else. On “Celebrity”, HillaryJane and guest Thi’sl bring listeners a satirical banger about possessions that can’t fulfill our desire for true happiness. Pounding drums from the production of Grammy Award winning duo 808XEliTE set the tone and help drive the point home. The debut EP, ‘Stix and Stones’ by HillaryJane, releases via Infiltrate Music on July 29th. You can buy “Celebrity” on iTunes now or pre-order the EP and get 3 singles immediately.


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