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Arkansas rapper YB is quietly making his mark in the hip-hop arena with an infectious sound.  He’s built up a nice following and more people are starting to notice that this guy can make some pretty dope music.  I got a chance to check in with him for a quick interview, check it out!

So Arkansas is not normally a place you think of whenever it comes to hip-hop, what’s the music scene like out there?  Where does most of your influence come from musically?

The music scene in Arkansas has a ton of potential for secular music, but as far as Christian rap it’s still a foreign language. It’s funny; most of my musical influence comes from life itself. Some of my biggest songs that supporters have gravitated to were spurred from life’s everyday moments.

Awesome, I can dig that.  So I understand that you come from a large family, lots of siblings; what part of your upbringing do you think has benefited you still to this day?

My childhood was challenging. Going through those difficult times with my brothers and sisters brought us closer. Knowing where I came from and coming out stronger has kept me grounded through life’s ups and downs.

Dope, sometimes the hardest circumstances prepare us for success better than anything else could.  Outside of music what are some the things that you’re passionate about (socially, ministry-wise, politically etc.…)?

I’m passionate about today’s youth more than anything. Seeing a young person own their “today” and strive to be the best version of them changes the game for me.

Awesome, so let’s switch gears a bit and talk about the music.  What was the moment you realized you had some talent and wanted to seriously pursue music?  What was that moment like for you?

I was writing music for 2 years before I really believed that it could be something. My 11th grade year, I remember being downstairs recording a song and I went in the booth to record my verse and my delivery changed. I was more aggressive, more passionate, and that was the day I realized that this was what I wanted to do from that day forward.

So as a Christian artist, what is your view of the CHH genre?  What is your position on the Christian Rapper vs Rapper who is Christian discussion?

Haha! God is sovereign and as Christian Artist, we’ve been privileged enough to be given ANOTHER avenue for the Gospel. I’m focused on the opportunity before me not the title.

I feel you on that completely!  So I noticed, you don’t have a lot of features on your projects, which I think is a testament to your artistry.  What do you feel is your greatest strength as an artist?

My greatest strength as an Artist would have to be God. I know that’s a Sunday morning answer but I did music in the secular lane for years. I would do concerts and people would connect and inevitably I would become an influence. Deep down I knew I had nothing to offer people and the struggles they faced. Now that I know Christ, that’s changed! I have something to offer people that last long after I exit the stage. That’s the driving force behind each song. I know I have something to offer that’s bigger than me.

Awesome, so when it’s all said and done, what do you want people to say about YB the artist?  When you look back, what would it take for you to say I had a successful career?

I want the supporters to know that they matter. A lot of artist, including myself, sometimes forget how crucial they are to all of the moving parts of what we do. Being genuinely thankful for the people who choose to watch, stream, or download your material is vitally important.

Staying true to who I am would stamp my career as a successful one. Accolades and accomplishments will come and go but I want to look like His Son when it’s all said and done.

Well thanks for sharing with us, I’m sure we’ll link up in the future as you continue to make strides in your career.  Everybody, make sure you follow YB online for updates and stay tuned for more for more features!

YB – Love Cost (Video) 

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