LISTENING SESSION :: James Gardin – Living Daylights

“Living Daylights,” the new album by Rapper/Singer James Gardin, is a call to arms for all people to use their gifts to impact the world around them in a positive way. Armed with soulful sounds from Detroit producer KuroiOto, James talks about self-love, depression, and pushing one’s self past his/her limits—and how his faith guides him through it all.


James Gardin “Living Daylights” track list

1. Problems

2. Shine (feat. Stanley Johnson)

3. No One

4. Gold

5. City Limits (feat. L05)

6. Feels Like

7. Freedom (feat. Sareem Poems & Redpill)

8. Good Bad (feat. Rafael)

1-8 produced by KuroiOto

Living Daylights” is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Beats Music and Tidal.



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