Joseph Muniz :: My Calling (feat. Aaron Moses)

Joseph Muniz My Calling Christian Hip Hop

Joseph Muniz has been writing music since he was 12 years old but first started recording music a few years ago. Muniz received the calling of becoming a minister through music when he was younger, however his calling was blurred for about 2 years. Back in 2010 he suffered from anxiety and depression and he thought that was how his life would be like for the rest of his life. Toughest season in his life as he thought God abandoned him, and at that moment he was angry at God. Felt alone and abandoned, but God reminded him he was there when “Jeremiah 29:11” would appear everywhere in his life. Muniz was watching a show where a little girl got kidnapped and so they went to her room to investigate, and they panned the camera by her bedside and there the verse was, written out. He told God that he didn’t know what his plan was, but he then just fully surrendered to God and has been free from severe anxiety and depression for almost 10 years. Attached are files to a song off of his EP entitled “My Calling” available on all digital media outlets.

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Oh, yeah
Oh, yeah
I don’t have to worry
I don’t have to worry
This is my calling, yeah
I don’t have to worry, yeah, yeah
1, 2, 3 – Check
I’m loving what I do
So much in inspiration comes I got to tell my crew (Yo)
Aye let’s get together cause I think I got some heat
First we start recording then we freestyle over beats
Crazy how it started never thought I’d get this far (Na)
Writing music in a friend’s basement what I recall
I was about 12 but I ain’t think I would settle
We both started spittin’ to soulja boy instrumentals (Youuu)
As I grew older I matured more in my faith (Yeah)
Rapping about life, truth and about his grace
I had so much passion I made “Soul’d Out Ent”
With some youth at my church but at the end was only me (True)
But I ain’t quit there, got a session at some kid’s house
Recorded my first song but it ain’t go as planned out
Flow was off, to be honest I ain’t like it
So I just started practicing, did not stop me from writing (Yeah)
Met a couple others I can pay to get a session
But that would be too much cause a sessions too expensive (Real)
Started praying for a way for me to put out all my music bruh
Rapped it to my fam they said that God can really use me (uh)
I know that he’s got my back
I don’t have to worry
Cause this is my calling
Yeah, yeah
Few years passed, got a studio I can settle with
Crashed my Honda civic but thank God I got a settlement (We good though)
Took about a year I think I’m finally start to settle in
But my music was way off I was settling (Yeah)
Dude got saved at my church and I found out (Yeah)
He owns his own studio from when he lived his past route
Connected with some people, God sent me an angel
Met a dude that mixes, shoutout to Angel Ramos (Yeah)
Working as a concierge but there’s a lot of down time
Writing at the front desk is where I spend my down time
Record it at my house then send it (Yeah)
For it to get mixed, need patience, then put it out when it’s finished
Music is my passion and I think that’s why I’m here (I love it)
Cause even when I write I sometimes shed a couple tears (True)
And I know that this is real, I can feel it in my heart (Yeah)
Just a creative way for me to go and share my art
Fast forward from all that while I’m driving to a session (Yeah)
My friend shared a story, testimony to a message
Excited by the grace that was displayed that night
Next day I thought back as I took my pen to write (Yo)
Recorded then I showed him “Yo Aaron take a look”
That same day he recorded when he composed out a hook (Fallen)
Excited by the talents I’m surrounded with
God never let me down I know that I can count on him
I’m bound to win
I know
I know, I know that he’s (I know that he’s got my back)
Cause I don’t have to worry, worry (I don’t have to worry)
Cause this is my (Cause this is my calling)
I know he’s got my back
I know that he’s got my back (My back)
Cause I know (I don’t have to worry)
Cause this is my calling (Cause this is my calling)
My calling
My calling
I know that he’s got
Know that he’s got
Know that he’s got
Know that he’s got my back (Back)


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