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 On – Time Lyrics

Ima spy for the kingdom just got activated/ Not a victim of the system/ pilgrim captivated/ focused on the love of Jesus/ he makes me strong in my weakness/my relationship with him have left me fearless yeah.

Yahweh Yahweh/ you sent your son to die for me/ rose in three days/ I’m here to tell you that Jesus saves!

Holy fire/ come and refine us/ create in us new hearts and renew our mindset/ release us our binds/ take the scales from our eyes/ help us shine our light/ bright y’all get ready it’s time.

Though, He may not come when you want him/ But He’s always right on time/ Yeah the Lord lives in me/ so the devil can’t take what’s mine. (repeat)

I got it he did/ I’m in it to it win it/ Holy Spirit send your wisdom from above / feel his spirit flowing though me/ built this beat then ripped it up /got it tatted on my back /screaming soli deo gloria / life is glorious/ and you know what up/ living to the fullest/ guess that my life is lookin up

cause I ain’t living with no stress no / screaming Jesus banging it on my chest though!

Father help me with my patience/ help me to stand strong in the midst of temptations/ help me love strong/ so I don’t have to bury myself/ and grip strong to the revealations.

Now let me tell you something/ Father thank you for the meal/ that’s a blessing/ a million dollar deal/ not impressive/ bills paid/ right on time/ learned the lesson/ I thank him every day for my successes

Though, He may not come when you want him. But He’s always right on time. Yeah the Lord lives in me so the devil can’t take what’s mine. (repeat)


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