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Say you got that sauce, double dip.
But you don’t talk about a life you really live.
I don’t floss, I don’t drip.
But my credit scores are 756.
Yeah I still push a bucket but I still pull a 756

I never caught a conviction.
But I got a conviction for my life in God’s sight about who I am,
what I could be,
what I should be for my kids
and my wife
and I can see it clearly.
Yeah that’s my vision.
I’m trying to leave behind an inheritance.
I never got much from my parents since
I grew up middle class and didn’t have much but we had enough to keep food on the table
by doing a few blue collar tasks.
I’ll give you a challenge and I dare you to act.
Gimme 3 stacks, I’ll triple that and bring it right back.
If you doubt that, come back in 6
years when your kids askin’ you, ‘daddy, where the checks at?’
Take a risk like a capitalist I got the credits to prove it
Making the motions to make it happen,
go from this to that,
rich dad
poor dad,
Life coaches.

Now I don’t mean to up my pride, just trying to vibe.
Can I do that?
Can I do that?
Vibe. Vibe. Vibe.
Call it rhythm in a vice
cuz these rhymes are getting tight.


I never had too many followers and I knew a few
who were only chasing after the dollars.
Like a chain around your neck.
Pulling you to collect
Yeah call that a collar (caller).
I live by a principle.
Have many friends but one master.
With God as my witness I guess the latter’s at the maximum.
But people used to say that I look like slim shady.
Do you believe what you see or what you read or do
you use your senses like you’re smelling a fire when the wires are crossed.
Flames goin’ up, name’s goin’
up like letters embossed.
Boss of my own, future CEO.
I’m eating lobsters and steak and cynics and haters, call me a cannibal.
Practicing religion in the kitchen before every meal gives me strength. God;s provision.
I only claim to be the best or the boss cuz the only animal
this economy values is the underdog.
Started from the bottom on all fours
Sitting back on hindquarters,
Ready to spring,
coming up like a credit score,
Running it once a quarter
like a credit karma report

The truth is I need enough to provide for my family.
So while people out here stacking
C-notes and shoes like it means something when they’re deceased, what I’m really wondering
is how many of my kids I can fit
in the back seat of a Cayenne,
Head off to work
Earning a dollar per diem to invest in a college fund so they won’t have to be indebted like me.
Fast forward, age 18, all assets no liabilities.
that’s some forward thinking accounting.
Its paying off my mortgage,
that’s some free housing.
It’s going beyond the ten percent tithing, overachieving,
Its having no debts no notices from the bank ‘cause I own everything, no leasing.
The only thing I rent is my time with God so He can give me the words.
He’s using me for his mouthpiece.
that’s a rent and an investment,
it’s a double meaning and
it’s all that l got because of all that I got
so to me it means everything.
Glory be!

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