Life Breeze :: Judgement Day ft. Lathan Warlick

Life Breeze is a Brooklyn born and raised Christian Hip Hop artist. Along his journey, Life Breeze was saved and converted the focus of his art to praise and celebration of God and is currently working on an 8 track project titled Weather The Storm.

A victim of bullying during his formative years of schooling, Life Breeze credits his uncle as being a saving grace empowering him to build his self esteem and awareness. After his uncle’s passing, Life Breeze turned to the love of gangs, drugs, girls and overall a street oriented way of life.

Spiraling out of control, Life Breeze contemplated suicide, but chose against it accepting invites to the house of lord. Attending one time, Life Breeze was moved by the message of love in the sermon and found that God had answered questions for him that he had about life, loved ones and more. God had changed his heart and in it there still was Hip Hop.

Influenced early on by Cassidy, once he transitioned in his principles he gravitated towards Lecrae and began to learn that there was room for Christianity in Hip Hop and a means to share his art in a positive manner. Baptized, a student of the bible and free in thought and spirit Life Breeze began to produce music that he was proud of and has never looked back.

Song lyrics:
Chorus: Life Breeze
Sure I came a long way and I ain’t gonna lie/
They want to put me on the stand just to make me testify/
And when they ask if he’s my lord then I will say he’s still alive/
Now they never want to hear it they just want a genocide/
Repeat 4x
I don’t wanna do it, please don’t make me do it

Verse 1: Life Breeze
I don’t want to separate he’s always there to heal me/
Of course I put in work now he was down from the beginning/
I was placed upon the stand just to say he’s not alive/ now I won’t deny my lord cuz he wants us to survive/
Figured that I’m on it, nobody understands when that judge gon hit that gavel you are never turnin back/ I keep that bible on my lap/
My lord is in the lead/ I always count my blessings cuz he know just what I need/
I’m in beast mode/
Saving me that’s G code/
Serving him I seek those/
Fisherman I reel them in/
Now I say we lit again/
Of course you know I’m overly excited/ the ones who serve the king, are the ones who get invited man I do it/

Chorus: Life Breeze

Verse 2: Lathan Warlick
Put me on the stand I promise you I testify/
With my right hand on the Bible on the oath I never lie/
Just asked if I believed in god I looked at him and smile/
Been believing Jesus ever since he gave me another trial/
Ok I hung around nun but gorillas/
Since I was little my momma was tellin me if I don’t stay out them streets and then clubs then I might be the one to die by the pistol/
So I had to switch it up cuz I didn’t want that life for me/ started seekin god and it changed everything I use to be/ now we on the road doing a lot of shows lettin them people know/ judgement day around the corner imagine hearin him tell you no/ never had it all together still the one he chose/ I accepted him as lord and savior say his name bold (JESUS)

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