MUSIC:: JustPierre – How We Do It (feat. Nerva)

It’s called “How We Do It”, putting into perspective the fact that only what we do for Christ will last!

Artist: JustPierre
Song Title: How We Do It
Featuring: Nerva
Producer: Amazing Prophet
Released: 1/22/2018
SoundCloud (Download) Link:
YouTube Video Link:
Artist Bio:
JustPierre is a Christian Hip-Hop artist from Compton, CA. Beginning his music career as a secular recording artist and producer, Pierre has worked with the likes of The Vixenz, Snoop Dogg, YG, The Rejectz, and more. After gaining what most would consider as ‘success’, it was not enough to fill the void in Pierre’s life. Subsequently, Pierre dedicated his life to Jesus Christ in 2012, and has been living for Him ever since. Pierre now uses his music to bring glory to Jesus and to reach the lost. His rap moniker, ‘JustPierre’, is a statement to the rap game, as well as a personal reminder, that he is not here to make a name, but to lift up the name which is above all names… which is Jesus Christ.

Rap Remnant is dedicated to advance Christian Hip Hop artists’ spiritual development and financial stability. We envision a world where artists are spiritually centered and financially successful.


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