MUSIC VIDEO:: Just A Servant – Jesus We Coming

Story behind song: Just A Servant’, message is to reach lost souls in this song, Jesus We Coming.

The idea behind this video is getting lost people to follow him as he leads them to Jesus!

Ministry: Jas, isn’t looking for the fame or a platform he is happy serving Jesus where he is!  He would like to encourage a few on the way.  The mission has been the cross and will continue to be.  May you be moved by the lyrics and JAS’S heart in the video. 


Jesus We coming/ bible on me running to the gates tryna save souls/ im all in i cant fold/ this really what im made for/ let me grab my brother if im able/ enemies on the tables

Mike jac gloves boy im still gripping/ that 33 make you feel different/ boy you know the truth and you still tripping/ mark chapter 4 i do reel fishing/

I gotta tell the truth so im innocent/ no blood on me for the benefit/ them dirty crimes they still in print/ so, im over borders like immigrant


Jesus we coming know to the grave we’ve been summoned/ you rappers talking about nothing/ all  tat fraudulent faking and fronting/ you get to the end and aint get you nothing

Jesus we coming we made it up/ flow is so easy we layed it up/ look at them hate on us/ you can not hang with us/ you don’t know of this life  it is dangerous

Boy im loaded special like a .38/ no south slang but dirty straight/ up real early with the birdy face/ Im God summoned to the pearly gates

Let me help yall to this cross road… And we aint talking about bone thugs/ tryna hook yall to this mine line yeah im talking that long plug

Had to step it up boy i levitated/  had to pick a level then elevated/ had to pick a floor(flow you know elevate it/ gotta live it  real ya know heaven gated

Flow on so delicate gotta get through like a predicate/ had to murder satan kept the gloves on now im leaving the evidence

Stay out of my way i am tryna make it / faith it til i make it/ you wil never break it/  what I got is sacred/ you don’t know it’s shaking/ i just gotta take it/ you can take it blatant


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