New Artist Benxiah Recalls Past Gang Life In New Single “PTSD”

New artist Benxiah was diagnosed with PTSD by doctors due to his past life involving drugs, gangs and violence. While riding in the car with his mom one day she played the song, “Silver and Gold” by Kirk Franklin. It was during that moment that God touched the heart of Benxiah causing him to accept Jesus the Christ as His personal Lord and Savior. Here’s his debut single and testimony, “PTSD”

Artist: Benxiah

Song: PTSD

Release Date: 03.09.18
Label: Asah Entertainment, Inc.


Benxiah aka “The Lifestyle Lyricist” is a 26 year Christian rapper from Victoria, Texas. He is married with 2 beautiful kids and one on the way.

Without sharing too much detail of his story, he grew up in a rough neighborhood. Due to the extreme nature of this environment he ended up doing everything from hardcore gang banging, selling dope, to trying to take the world’s virginity.

Honestly, he shouldn’t be alive. Having lost most of his friends to gang violence, this has been reaffirmed by having to bury somebody close to him every year since 2005. He knew that God had a calling on his life.

Benxiah’s passion is music but it’s much deeper than that. It’s speaking and showing the world what it looks like to overcome any obstacle when God has your back. He has experienced thing in his 26 years that he would hope others would never have to endure in their entire life.

However, the wisdom that he has obtained through those experiences have helped him to relate to people on a different level. People receive his music differently that most other artists which is what allows him to stand out.

The music, the lifestyle, the ministry all speaks for itself.

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