NEW MUSIC:: Eshon Burgundy – Election Day

Eshon Burgundy drops a new track on Election Day by the same title.


Election Day/
Deception day/
I know a man heart reflects his ways/
I’m looking at the ballot silent feeling all perplexed and dazed/
Hear the sound of fear trumpet through the atlas/ 
Whoever get the job I know they gonna do it backwards
I’m a man of faith and this right here is just practice/ 
Gotta trust the Lord with the script these are just actors/
No matter who is chosen/
I pray a road to Damascus/
I pray they feel the light and receive their sight after/
They already blind/
Do ya best to hold ya head up these heavy times/
Mind of a prophet I’m out here watching for every sign/
I play my part you know what I’m doing but never mind/
I don’t put everything on the gram/
Those close to to me they know exactly who I am/
I was never the one to put my faith into a man or woman/
Regardless of what they saying I know war coming/
I know the winner of the war I know who got the trophy/
I run wit Him my one prayer was that He knows me/ 
Some preachers want money all He want is ya loyalty/ 
So He can forgive ya loan/ 
If He don’t you gone have to pay back everything you owe Him/
God’s Word officially the most quoted/
No matter how you voted satan is still a culprit/ 
And we war with Him/ 
Not against flesh and blood/ 
And I don’t care who win/
My enemy I’m still committed to love


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