MUSIC:: Jas – Freedom Way

Dope Unknowns artist Jas is back with some new heat, Freedom Way, from his upcoming album Jesus We Coming.  Check it out Free Download.
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Hold on life on demonstrating/ they see me heiring(heir)why they limitating/  so much jesus in me it’s different hating/ ive building fans who anticipating

Hold on let me go talk to the lost/ walking the field and im bearing my cross/ narrow the road now my point is across/ look at my life man it point at the cross

Hold on… Im a living/ blood covered im forgiven/ got fire bones im driven/my eyes straight while im  on the mission/ mad lyfe we make a difference

You see the grind i boss out/ my old man i crossed out/ now on trash day he gets tossed out

Hold on… We give em that g today/ now open up that bag thats that freedom Way/ you think im talking chips no frito lay/ it’s jesus, jesus jesus each and every way  

The path straight let me steer it homie/ my death bed i don’t fear it homie/ the truth stick it adhered on me/ gotta mark 5 you can hear it on me/

Couple friends went weird on me, oh well we off pass/ real friends we bounce back like jump shots that’s off glass/

Boyyyyy……. im thanking god for the revelation/ cause when you and take the shot you use no hesitations/

What you mean/ God first always that’s the goal player/ Jesus said JAS you was surrounded by some role players

God im not a sell out which explains why im underrated/ they say im kind of good that’s a under statment/  brusied feet but im over Satan/ dark princes they be over hating

But shine bright like lights do/ i get in yo head like lice do/ let the word puncture then knife you

Been on that grind / you think im outta my mind/ hating not due in my time/ time i step into my prime/ imma go jump in that line/ get one like im lebron/


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