MUSIC:: SHOPE’ – With Me (prod. By Versedl)

With Me 

…dedicated to Alton Sterling and all the the black men & women, who have been the victims of racism and police brutality…

Hook (by Adam Pondang)

Why do I gotta pay for,

These dreams weren’t only made for,

Not the way it was before,

I don’t need this anymore,//

Why did you bag him up,

Cover up and laugh it up

You ain’t really with me, with me, with me,

With me, with me, with me//


Give me a pen, give me a mic, give me a sword,

Give me anything to fight,

Alright I’m trapped inside this war//

Calling God to bring a flood,

Bring the Son down,

Cuz I’ve never fiened for blood,

But I’m on now//

Just so we clear, yea you right,

Yea I’m taking racism,

White cop killed a black man, escaped prison//

He was just another nigga,

So you figure,

He ain’t _____,

He ain’t going be missed,

He ain’t worth the metal in your wrist//

He ain’t rich,

He ain’t got a union.

Sinister conclusions,

So don’t you ever question why we resurrect the mission//

Now they quicker to shoot,

Than the speed to look for proof,

That on road, that’s in court,

That’s on file, that’s in trial//

And when they ask why the gunshots,

Show ’em all they mug shots,

Then show the officer in uniform, yea that’s true to form//

White crowd riots, that’s a celebration,

Black crowd riots, that’s a mob invasion//

Anti-political, but this ain’t politics,

This a man down with three another two to make a fifth//

To the dome,

You can’t tell me that’s an accident alone,

Or some work stress, or what works best for your WordPress//

I see your tell,

No your poker face ain’t selling,

That’s why we all in, though you see us as rebelling//

A million army strong,

Who’s covenant is God,

Before the foundations, He The one who wield the rod,

So we derive our comfort from that sacred bond,

And praying for our enemies, until He drop the bomb//

Produced by Versedl 

Rap Remnant is dedicated to advance Christian Hip Hop artists’ spiritual development and financial stability. We envision a world where artists are spiritually centered and financially successful.


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