OfflinePK :: Dark Life

Canadian producer Signature Nation and North Carolina Christian Hip Hop
artist OfflinePK have joined forces on the new single “Dark Life”.

“My dude Signature Nation is a beast on the production! His track made it easy to cultivate a concept for the song” said OfflinePK. “People should hear it because we are being open about having past issues that still plague us, but we rely on Jesus. He keeps us going. Knowing that having issues is normal, having a past is normal, but we don’t have to let it define us. Our definition is found in Jesus Christ!”

About Signature Nation

Signature Nation is a Canadian producer, located just south of Toronto, who mainly creates
melodic trap. Since he was six years old he loved music. He began playing piano at six and
graduated Grade 8 piano before he graduated high school. In 2011, he started creating beats as a hobby while he went to university. The last couple of years he has begun getting placements with some talented CHH artists (Eric Heron, adriansings, Doxamillion, Xay Hill, and more). Signature Nation is a Christian who wants to spread God’s love through his music.

About OfflinePK

East coast native OfflinePK has been cultivating his musical style from a young age. Starting behind the drum kit and a guitar, his interest in music grew into a passion that eventually landed him in a cheap computer chair behind FL Studio that opened his eyes to an entirely new world. It wasn’t until he met youth at his church who were into lyricism that he gained courage to step out, take a chance, and put his own words on his own productions. Blended with the elements of his life, OfflinePK’s tracks boast a hefty low, aggressive energy, chill vibes, elements of surprise, flying objects, and Jesus.

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