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Raw Gutta is a Rapper/Worshipper originally from Panama City, FL and now residing in Chicago, IL. His music is often a reflection of his faith, growth, and personal journey, as he hopes to inspire others with songs and his life-story.

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About – All Things Work Together

“All Things Work Together” is about overcoming adversity and infirmity by keeping my faith in God. Even though I was in the worst place I had ever been in my life, what got me through was my persistence in holding on to God’s promises. This is the truth that I hope to pass on. That no matter what happens in life, I believe that God can work all things together for our good.

This song is produced by: Caleb Middleton


Long as God be for me, there aint no stopping me, aint no stopping me

All things work together that’s my philosophy, my philosophy

Verse 1:

Uh, while I’m waiting, I’m a war with every prophecy,

weapons are not of this world thats alien technology,

No I can’t see how it’s all gone work out,

but I know you can see so much further than I can see,

Though I could barely walk I had to stop working,

My body won’t stop hurting but this is God’s purpose,

I don’t believe you made me sick, but I believe you’ll work it,

all together for my good, there’s a lesson to be learned and I’m a learn it.


Long as God be for me there aint no stopping me, aint no stopping me

All things work together that’s my philosophy, my philosophy


(Background Vocal Melody)

All things work together (repeat 7 x)

For my good

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