alt=The already extremely crowded field of candidates for president just got bigger as Marty Mar of Social Club has officially thrown his hat in the ring.  Well, not really, but his debut solo-EP, Marty For President, is about the value of a single person.  Marty explained the title in a mini-documentary, saying that every child was asked what they wanted to be when they grew up, and we all gave lofty, innocent dreams of being a president or astronaut, but “when we grow older we realize, these dreams are just dreams”.  Most of us will never be what we thought we would become, but God has a plan for all of us, and we are valuable to him.  He’s writing to what he describes as 18 year old him, because it’s a time when you start taking steps into the real world often without a clue.  Marty has continuously pushed this idea of you being a valuable piece of God’s plan, and Marty For President solidly keeps displaying his message in a often funny, yet deep way.

There’s no easing our way into this one, as Marty goes in hot right away with “The One About the Misfit”.  All the tracks in this EP are titled like episodes of “Friends”, and that makes me very happy.  Now, to the actual song.  As the title implies, it’s about his life as a Misfit.  People question his lifestyle as a God-worshiping rapper in his 20’s ignoring record labels and staying out of the mainstream rap game.  He wants to be independent of labels, outside influences, etc., because he wants to make a difference in the culture that he describes as becoming increasingly anti-Christian.  Marty struggles with keeping up with family because of his constant plane rides around the country, and throughout US and now this EP he is expressing his regret and frustration.  He thanks his family for their faith in him though at the end.  While society spat on him, his parents prayed for him, “Thank God his parents never stopped prayin’ for ’em, The world didn’t understand him, so instead they hated on ’em, The misfit”.  There’s too much to quote in this track, but it is full of real lyrics.  Marty isn’t holding anything back.  The heavy beat works perfectly as Marty fires his frustration through his delivery.  Everything in this track is amazingly put together, and this will be one to remember.

A similar theme can be heard in “The One About the Villain” feat. Chris Batson, as Marty explains how the world sees him as a villain, and sometimes he feels like he may actually be one.  He won’t give into anything anyone tells him, because he’s going to base his career and life off what God wants him to do, not what a label wants him to.  People encourage him until he passes them or shares his faith, “They call me villain, I feel like it’s true, Can’t talk about God, I can’t share my views, All of these rappers are all not your friends, You can do good, just not better than them, I am the villain”.  The hook on this track is on point!  The points of little to no bass into a heavy bass section really complements Marty’s style as well.  Marty really has improved his delivery over the past few years, and it really has taken him to the next level.

Things take a more positive tone in “The One Where She Stayed”.  This is basically Marty’s version of a love song, which is a different twist for him.  His much happier delivery and cute lyrics make this a fun song that is just purely Marty in every way.  He tries to make jokes even, “I’m a smooth talker like a New Yorker, There ain’t nothin’ I wouldn’t do for ya, I feel like Jesse, cause I’m so excited (no one laughs), She likes my jokes, so I’m not embarrassed”.  The positive vibes throughout this one are a nice change from the intense pressure that you could feel from the first two tracks.  The production is terrific again, and Marty is three for three in this reviewer’s book.

“I think I’m the worst rapper on this entire song”, are Marty’s first words in “The One With My Friends” feat. NF, John Givez, Wordsplayed, Fern of Social Club, and Kaleb Mitchell.  Basically, Marty has some pretty dang talented friends!  There’s a lot of skill on this track, and it’d be unfair to point out Marty as the worst at all, especially because they all do a great job in this one.  Marty’s silliness continues with the classic Derek Minor, “You know what it is” with his little added, “or if you don’t, you’re about to know…”.  It’s those fun little additions on top of Marty’s already creative lyrics that make him such a special artist.  The expectations were high with so many big names on this one, and they all kill it!  The production is solid throughout with slight changes for each artist, but these tweaks don’t mess with the flow and instead complement each artist’s style.  I seriously cannot give this one justice with words.  Just go listen to it!  It’s just Five and a half minutes of some of CHH’s best emcees with dope rhymes, great production, and top tier delivery.  It’s really hard to say if it’s the best in the EP, because all the tracks so far have been awesome!

The last true track on the EP, “The One With The Vibes”, is definitely a different feel.  A smooth refrain keeps this one going solidly throughout.  My only complaint about this track is that it is really hard to hear Marty’s vocal during his verses.  A slight increase in the vocals would have made this one much better, but the smooth vibes throughout this one are still a nice feel, and it’s a pretty good track overall.  This goes right into “The One With All The Awkwardness”, which is a live song of Marty singing.  It’s him singing a love song, and the whole feel is definitely awkward, but I understand what he is trying to go for.  This is technically Awkward Part 3, so a little prior knowledge of Marty makes this fit in more.  It’s a nice soft ending to the EP with both of these tracks.

Marty has always been one of CHH’s most vocal and creative artists.  Throughout Marty For President, his lyricism is terrific as he tells us a story with each track.  His delivery is skillful, yet slow enough to allow a focus upon those lyrics.  The production meshes perfectly with each style as well.  He may be too young to actually run for President and is an unsigned artist, but Marty continues to work hard for God.  You can hear and feel his faith in every track, and those familiar with Marty get the extra satisfaction of hearing the story of his life.  He faced opposition before and now, but Marty Mar is on top of his game.  This is the best EP I’ve reviewed, and Marty For President is one of the year’s top projects so far.


Marty For President is available to purchase on iTunes and other digital retailers.

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