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wxnderyAnyone who knows Sam Stan’s music knows that he’s happy.  First, we heard his debut EP, Happy Camper, which included a pretty recognizable feature in Marty of Social Club.  I’d be a happy camper if Marty was working with me too!  His next EP doesn’t feature Marty, but that doesn’t have Stan down!  He’s still on his game and recently dropped his Happy Raps project.

As a note before we get really into the music, this has the be the project with the shortest average song length that I’ve ever reviewed.  I mean, the intro is only 13 seconds long, and only one song is longer than 2 minutes and 40 seconds. Blink and you’ll miss the whole thing!  Well, except that’s not how hearing works really.  Anyway, the quickness of the tracks isn’t a problem as the transition between songs is often seamless, and that in itself deserves to be applauded.  No one does that nowadays.  It’s smooth and flows through the whole album.  Now that makes me happy!

Stan’s positive feel gets started with “Nowadays”, and he wants you to know that, “the cookies feel real good in my stomach”.  Yet another reason to be happy!  The real meaning of the track comes from the refrain though.  He says, “I came in this world with nothing, that’s just how I plan on leaving here”.  He’s not striving to be rich, but he’s still got dreams.  It’s a smooth, more positive feel that Sam Stan does very well, and it still is working!

The vibe continues with “Happy Place” (feat. Asaiah Ziv), but this one isn’t about a happy society, it’s about his escape from society’s problems.  The grind is hard, and he wants to make a difference.  In his happy place, people have it easier with no struggle.  He’s “tryna change the world, but what’s a dream without a plan”.  The feel again is pretty cool for the track, but there is just a tad too much bass in comparison to the vocals.  Apart from that, a good track with a solid message.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Christmas is a happy time with “Jingle Bells”!  Don’t get excited though.  It’s only September people.  The electronic-style bells form a unique base for this track as Sam Stan reflects on growing up with not much, including only a tiny tree for Christmas.  What I really like about this track, and most of the album, is how he is just so genuine.  The story is his, and he looks back upon the good and bad with a positive attitude.  The track’s dope beat, memory filled lyrics, and solid delivery make it one of my favorites on the project.

Now, “Road Trips” (feat. Swade) are a little different for everyone, so sometimes they’re not always happy.  Like Swade says at the start, “This could be a disaster”.  He then goes straight into a smooth verse that has terrific flow.  Stan keeps that flow going as the duo meshes extremely well together.

The longest track on the project, “Plz Don’t” (feat. Toussaint Louie), is a whole 3 minutes and 1 second long!  This one has a less upbeat vibe as Toussaint Louie says, “Life is full of mystery, filled with so much misery, that’s why I be in my happy place, please don’t interrupt my day”.  The bass is a little too much on this track again.  Beyond that, the slow beat is a good one, and it’s a pretty good track overall.

If you haven’t gotten the point by now, Sam Stan is shooting for his dreams.  He pushes that again in “21”.  It’s another fun feel of a track as the album starts to wind down.  We then hear a talk on patience from “Mama Stan”, as God shows his plan to us “little by little”.

We’re “Almost Home” as we reach the final track of the project.  Now that doesn’t make me too happy, as this has been a good project.  Sam Stan finishes us off with a more mellow vibe that is a great feel to end the project.  I really like the trumpets that were used in this one, and the project is wrapped up with a great beat.

This project definitely was a fun one to review, as Sam Stan is such a genuine and creative artist.  As a reviewer, good CHH makes me happy, so Happy Raps lives up to its title.  The project’s flow is spectacular throughout, and Sam Stan’s lyrics don’t waste any time of the very short tracks.  There were a few tracks with too much bass, but overall the production was solid, and Sam Stan takes a big step forward in becoming a better rapper.  There are definitely a few tracks that belong in your favorite playlist, and I’m sure grabbing those tracks would make Sam Stan a very happy camper!


Happy Raps is available to stream on Spotify

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