[Review] Viktory – R4 Vol. 2

Viktory - R4 Vol. 2
Viktory - R4 Vol. 2
Viktory – R4 Vol. 2

You can tell when a person is passionate about what they do.  I get that vibe everytime I hear one of Viktory’s songs.  On R4 Volume 2, Viktory returns with that same fire, dope lyrics and production.  Another thing that Viktory has come to be recognized for is the quality of his music.  The CHH genre has taken shots over the years for often lacking in quality; Viktory has always been the exception.

The album starts out with a dope intro that really sets the tone for the album, you can tell from the start that this album is going to be epic.  The first song that really caught my attention was track 3, Glory To the Beast, I actually listened to it twice.  The next track One Eight O comes in with an ill beat; its one of those tracks where you roll the windows down, pump the bass and ride out.   The turn up continues on the next track, Drop It.   Making a guest appearance on the track is RMG artist Canon, who flat out destroys the beat with his famous triple time flow.  Actually, let’s have a moment of silence for the beat….pause.

Other tracks that stood out to me were No Price Tag w/Spec and Derek Minor.  Produced by G. Roc, this track is a certified banger!  Take Me Away is another one, this track has a nice CCM/Pop sound to it with V. Rose singing on the hook.  Viktory also has a tribute track to the late Vice Versa, which he gets on absolutely snaps.  There’s that passion I was talking about again.  Vice Versa was an artist signed to Vik’s Viktorious Music Group record label before his death in 2012.  You can tell Viktory is a vet and has been doing this for a while and knows how to put together his track list, this album flowed really well from song to song.

The album closes out with Forever a track that features singer Marvin Winans.  R4 stands for ‘Relentless 4Ever’ with this latest album, Viktory shows what he means by relentlessly releasing quality music.  Dope album!


R4 Vol. 2 is on sale on iTunes and other digital retailers


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