wxnderyDope Unknown artist WxNDER y out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida just dropped his self-titled debut EP. It’s always hard to know what to expect from a debut. WxNDER y has featured on a few tracks in the past with artists like Lawren, but it wasn’t until his single, “With You” feat. FLO, was released that we really got a taste of what he has to offer. Anyone who heard that track could tell you this guy has serious talent, and I was really excited to hear the full EP. Now he’s dropped it, and WxNDER y did not disappoint.

Starting of the EP is “Loco”, and WxNDER y instantly shows off both his singing and rapping skills. As he raps and sings, he explains that he’s always going to be there for those who are struggling. The hook is on point, and WxNDER y manages to do very well with a variety of paces and styles, keeping things interesting. All of this makes for a really good track that leads right into “With You” feat. FLO. Like the previous track, this one shows a slightly different style that he does extremely well with. The intensity that he raps with keeps you on your toes as the lighter singing in the refrain is a perfect transfer between the verses. The production in this track is also terrific, with the sound changing quickly and consistently. Normally that can throw things off, but things are well put together for what is my favorite track on the EP.

WxNDER y continues his solid rapping in “Never Change” feat. Shiwan. The problem with this track is that there’s more than just his rapping. The transition between WxNDER y’s first intense verse and the refrain is awkward as the dope bass and treble drop off completely. Then the bass returns in the middle of the refrain, and it doesn’t seem to belong with the singing. Shiwan’s verse also suffers from a similar problem. There’s just too much bass that really takes away from his delivery. It feels clunky and off. Luckily the beat from the first verse is restored halfway through and his verse finishes off much better. While the variety in the production really complemented the delivery, that same variety takes away from what could have been a terrific song in “Never Change”.

“Stand By You” feat. Evan Ford and FLO feels very similar to “Never Change”, but the mixing and mastering is much better here. The smoother flow makes everything better. Whether it’s the bass heavy verses by WxNDER y or the piano focused refrain, this track just comes together so well. Yet again, WxNDER y reveals another tool in his Swiss army knife. My favorite lines from this one are, “I could choose you, in a world that consumes me, take away all these things that’s in my way, I was wrapped up in the darkness with the smoke all in my face, always trust you when I’m falling, even in the mist or rain”.

For the final 3 songs on the EP, WxNDER y takes his foot off the gas to create a more hip-hop vibe. This begins with his rapping, which again adapts to a new style with less intensity. His singing/rapping combo in “Doin It”, for example, meshes with a well implemented synth for a fun feel. Eris Ford’s addition in “Crazy Love” definitely fits terrifically with WxNDER y’s calmer, more hip-hop style, and this creates a unique track compared to the rest of the EP, and that’s a good unique! WxNDER y brings in FLO for the third time for “How We Do It”. I have to admit, these guys work terrifically together. All three tracks with the duo on it are solid, and “How We Do It” feat. FLO is a great finish to the EP.

WxNDER y has quickly become a very impressive new face on the CHH scene with his features and now this EP. Besides a few points where the mixing and mastering could be slightly better, there isn’t much to complain about. WxNDER y proves that he is versatile as a rapper as well as being a good singer. Too many artists get locked into one style, and it either gets old or they struggle to break out of their comfort zone. I don’t see WxNDER y having this problem, and that’s truly exciting. The WxNDER y EP is definitely a solid debut from an artist that has a ton of potential.

You can download the WxNDER y EP for free HERE

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