Ryan Madison Has “No Regrets” In This Break-Up

“No Regrets” from Ryan Madison’s previous mixtape called Freedom Papers.

Whether it’s break-ups or toxic relationships, it’s often hard to call it quits. Somehow, it’s even tougher to break-up with your own bad habits and toxic thought processes. It reminds me of a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King:

“Reason is darkened by sin. The more I thought about human nature, the more I saw how our tragic inclination for sin causes us to use our minds to rationalize our actions…. Reason, devoid of the purifying power of faith, can never free itself from distortions and rationalizations”

It is this quote from MLK that comes to my head as I listen to No Regrets by Ryan Madison. This song, at first, sound like a break-up song to a significant other but when you actually listen to it, the song is about saying goodbye to the sin in your life. Indeed, the sin is still a significant other to your life, but with God, you are stronger without it! Today, I pray, that you say “Bye Bye” to your old ways and trust in the Lord who will always be there.

Check out the lyric video below:

Want to hear Ryan Madison’s Freedom Papers? Click Here!



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