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Sharol A. Buchanan aka SHAROL B., a musical artist/songwriter, rapper and producer, was born April 9, 1989 in Canton, MS. Raised in Hattiesburg, MS as the youngest of two children, she grew up listening and playing music.

At an early age she discovered her musical talent, playing instruments such as the piano and violin, and singing in her church choir. It wasn’t until her young adult years at the age of 24 that she discovered her gift of creating music after accepting Christ as her personal Savior in January of 2014.

She uses her talent and gift of speaking to minister to others while sharing her story of challenges, perseverance, deliverance and salvation. Her passion is helping others by encouraging, motivating, impacting and influencing in a positive and Christlike manner.

As a Christian, she hopes to lead others to come to know GOD, accept Christ as their personal Savior and strengthen the faith of others who are facing their own battles. This is where the inspiration from her new album entitled “Battlefield” derives from. Her understanding of personal struggles allows her to openly discuss her internal and external battles of life through music, using her faith in GOD as inspiration to live in TRUTH!

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