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Menace Movement is excited to share the news about StefanOtto’s new album, Til Heaven Comes. It’s got a stacked guest list and strong production credits.

Til Heaven Comes features Datin, Selah the Corner, Jered Sanders, DJ Morph, Jay Cabassa, Jes Norris, Jameil Walls and more. Production by Tone Jonez, Tee-Wyla, Theory Hazit, Marv4MoBeats, Soundnami, and more.

Watch the video for Body Bag:

Til Heaven Comes track list
1. Til Heaven Comes
2. Night Falls (feat. Jered Sanders)
3. Body Bag (feat. Datin & Selah the Corner)
4. Upside Down (feat. Datin)
5. Idols Die (feat. Datin)
6. Defiant (feat. Jes Norris)
7. Where Are We Now?
8. Queens (feat. Jay Cabassa)
9. Window (feat. Jameil Walls)
10. Menace Flow (feat. DJ Morph)
11. Scarlett’s Letter (feat. Jes Norris)
12. Picture Perfect
13. Graduated

Production Credits
1, 4 Marv4MoBeats
2, 7, 9, 11, 13 Tone Jonez
3 Soundnami
5 Pablo Armando, Manny Ferrer
6 Tee-Wyla
8 Benjamin Telfort
10 Theory Hazit
12 Bigboytraks

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